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We are a leading consulting and logistic supplier in Afghanistan

Aweja Business Consulting Services (ABCS) is a distinguished consulting and supply-chain provider in Afghanistan. Our organization was founded as a business consultancy firm, and since then, we have expanded our services to include supply chain management solutions, financial services and solutions, tax services, energy and mining services, liaison services, and expert advice for NGOs, the World Bank, UN agencies, ADB, and diplomatic missions operating in Afghanistan.

Our primary objective is to provide consultancy services to businesses of all types and at every level of operation, allowing our clients to focus exclusively on their business activity while we manage everything else. Our goal is to contribute our efforts and resources to the economic development of Afghanistan while providing job opportunities and quality services to customers.

We specialize in business and management consulting, total logistics, financial services and solutions, supply chain management solutions, HR outsourcing services, warehouse and livestock services related to your business. Aweja Business Consulting Services Company ensures timely and convenient delivery of solutions to your business requirements, which can make all the difference in a competitive market.

As an Afghan-owned company, we provide services to all types of organizations across Afghanistan, based on customer demand and requirements. Our experience enables us to quickly implement creative solutions to even the most complex business requirements. Our team’s competency and high integrity guarantee efficient and timely responses to all of our valued clients. We constantly focus on our customers’ expectations and strive to continuously develop solutions that add value to their businesses.



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Our dream is to put our customers at the forefront of business consulting, financial services and solution, supply-chain management solution, logistics services and development. We achieve this vision through the provision of consultancy and the development of these solutions. Furthermore, we work to develop these professions in Afghanistan in general by facilitating knowledge-sharing among our customers and contributing to the training of our clients and customers. We also take part in the cultural and social debates in forums, with private sector, the donor agencies and in the media. To be the premier thought leadership institution in supply chain, finance, management, leadership, logistics and strategy – working with the boards, CEOs, and our client teams to strengthen profitability of our clients’ agencies.


Our mission is to provide value to our Clients by skillful creation of unique, practical, productive, and affordable Solutions through careful listening, learning, and teamwork with our Clients. We believe design excellence involves both dialogue and collaboration, coupled with the recommendation of sound ideas in combination with proven technology, imagination, and creativity. We seek to add value through innovation and creativity, and conscientiously strive to exceed our Client’s expectations with respect to performance, reliability, budgets, and schedule. Our mission is also to give our customers a competitive edge by developing and implementing exceptional business solutions. Furthermore, we create measurable improvements in the individual functions across the business process. This means operational gains and new strategic opportunities for our customers. In addition, we strengthen your profitability from within your business, we create and use knowledge at the cutting edge of business, governance and strategy We also build a respected organization at the highest level in the business as well as academia.Our vision is to prioritize our clients by providing exceptional business consulting, financial services and solutions, supply chain and logistics management, and development. We strive to achieve this through the provision of consultancy services and developing innovative solutions that enhance our clients’ success.
We also seek to promote knowledge-sharing and contribute to the professional development of our clients and customers. Additionally, we actively participate in cultural and social debates in various forums, with public bodies, private sector, donor agencies, and media.
Our goal is to be the leading institution in thought leadership on supply chain, finance, management, leadership, logistics, and strategy. We work closely with boards, CEOs, and client teams to maximize the profitability of our clients’ organizations.

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